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Ahi is typically found in Hawaii, Fiji, Indonesia and the Philippines and is wild caught on a Long line. It’s a sustainable and the most popular species of Tuna. Also known as Yellow Fin Tuna, it has a mild, meaty flavor similar to swordfish and more flavorful than albacore. The meat is bright red when raw (as seen in Spikes Ahi Poke).  When cooked, we recommend it seared with our Poke sauce. (less than 550 cals.)

Copper River Salmon

Copper River king, also known as Chinook, is renowned for its robust size and superlative flavor thanks to an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. The season starts in mid-may to mid-summer. Bright red in color, this Salmon is inherently rich and flavorful and typically prepared grilled or seared.

At Spikes, we recommend cooking the Salmon Cajun-panko style with fresh veggies and Spikes Sauce on the side. (less than 600 calories)


Yellowtail is a wild caught (usually longline), local white fish typically found in California and Mexico. The meat of the California yellowtail is firm and slightly darker than it’s cousin the Yellowtail kingfish. The flavor is more pronounced and meaty. Excellent for grilling and Spikes recommends this fish prepared Blackened with tartar or Spikes Sauce. (less than 600 cals.)