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Spikes Fish House is a fast casual restaurant specializing in simply grilled fresh fish in a casual environment.

Spike's serves 8-10 fresh fish daily, offered in salads, rice bowls, wraps, burgers, and plates. All of our fish is accompanied by freshly made unique sauces such as chimichurri and lemon-pesto aioli.

We've Designed Our Menu With Your Health in Mind

Fresh seafood is packed with protein, yet low in calories and fat.

Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and can effectively reduce blood pressure

We encourage customization to accommodate dietary preferences

Our Produce is locally sourced

Our Fish is Prepared in Two Healthy Ways

Simply Grilled: Grilled with light seasoning and your choice of sauce on the side ( Gluten Free sauces also available).

Cajun Panko: Cajun seasoning and a light coating of Japanese a light coating of Japanese bread crumbs, cooked on the hot top, giving a bolder flavor and a little crunch without being fried.

We Only Use Sustainable Seafood

Sustainability means making sure we keep the world's nutrients in balance and as to not take more than what can be replenished naturally. At Spikes, through our partnerships with local suppliers, we only buy fish that is either wild caught or responsibly farmed with the highest standards in place. This ensures long-term health and stability of that species and greater marine ecosystem.

Franchise Opportunities: Contact Tim Aspel at